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Aro Health & Training is a group of fun loving kiwis looking to make a difference in the world. Currently based in Whangarei, we are passionate about wholehearted living and seeing communities thrive.

For us, a healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating but also mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Wholehearted living is about connecting with these areas and being equipped to live your best life.

Healthy Living New Zealand

We’ve been going to Uganda for over ten years and contributed to some awesome projects to bring hope and life to the people there.

More recently though we had a strong desire to really help a community thrive. One of our Ugandan friends, who happens to be a national agricultural legend, had been talking with us about a tree called moringa which was introduced into the country in the 1950’s to help combat malnutrition. We found he had been growing it himself for over thirteen years.

After taking moringa for ourselves and seeing how awesome it is, we saw a great opportunity: what if we imported this top quality, organic moringa and offered it to New Zealanders?

Just the realisation that they have something to offer us kiwis has already hugely impacted the community. And we’ve been hearing some great testimonies of what taking moringa does for people here in New Zealand.

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